Our dress damage protection covers minor damage to our dresses for example Alcohol stains, fake tan, minor pilling, thus dress damage protection covers Styled by smiths extra costs to clean and repair the damaged dress. 

    Our Dress damage protection cover does not cover the following:

    • When a dress is returned and deemed not rentable due to excessive staining and damage, in this case you will be charged the total RRP less your rental price for the garment.
    • Theft of our dresses 
    • Not correctly returning the dress. All parcels must be sent back to us at Styled by Smith in the postal bag provided and handed over to the cashier at your nearest NZ POST shop. 
    • If you have accidentally damaged the dress it must be returned to us as it will still be the property of Styled By Smith.

    *DAMAGE IS ONLY APPLICABLE TO DRESS RENTALS (NOT OUR DESIGNER HANDBAGS) Any damages to our Styled by Smith designer handbag rentals will be charged the full RRP of the damaged bag.

    Any damage to our Styled by Smith dresses WITHOUT this dress protection cover will be charged the cost to repair the minor damage OR the full RRP less your rental price for the dress if the dress is deemed not rentable due to excessive staining and damage.